Opening hours:

7:00am to 6:00pm
Monday to Friday


4 Tyrrell Avenue, Bateau Bay
NSW 2261

Call: 02 4334 2334

After Hours: 0448 097 775

Here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, our vision is to provide a Child Care Centre that is warm, safe, caring and stimulating for your child’s early learning. Together our team work in partnership with you with every action being underpinned by our seven key values below:

Shine from within:

Having fun and free play is at the heart of children’s growth and establishing a love for life-long learning. We nurture independence, trust and self-esteem to build confidence so your child can shine at their best.

Team Spirit is embraced:

Maintaining an environment that is respectful and inclusive of everybody’s uniqueness and diversity cultivates a strong sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Local Community Connection:

We bring out the best in your child through open communication and sharing knowledge and information with our all the children at the Centre, their families, educators and the communities that we live within.

Our Care for the Environment:

Our important role in protecting our natural world through sustainable practises to make a positive difference for our environment and our children’s future is important to us. We practice this vision by nurturing an awareness of ‘nature’s playground’ during outdoor play.

Our Health and Vitality:

We are passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices in nutrition, in being active and maintaining optimum vitality to be at our best every day.

Recognition by Celebrating our Uniqueness:

We believe that each child comes to the Centre with a different set of experiences, knowledge and interests and we seek to build your child's unique gifts, their efforts and achievements. We also recognise and celebrate our educators, families and staff unique contributions. We build confidence and motivation for individuals to identify and value their abilities and their contribution.

Pursuit of Excellence:

We seek to strive for excellence in all that we do by being a valuable resource for parents, children and educators.

Our Philosophy:

At Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we offer a comprehensive integrated service including care, education, health, safety and nutrition programs which seek to foster all aspects of children's development and to provide support for families and all who care for young children.

We are all unique.
All children enrolled at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre will have access to the services available and the integration of children with special needs will be supported.

Every child, family, educator and team member are acknowledged and respected for who they are, how they think and their contributions. We achieve this by providing a range of experiences and opportunities - allowing learning and development to occur at an individual pace and in unique ways.

We are one piece of a puzzle.

At Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we understand that our Centre is one piece of the puzzle of our children’s lives and their families. We respect our families and their input, we aim to work in collaborative partnerships with them. We understand each family is unique and have differing reasons for coming to our Early Learning Centre here in Bateau Bay.

Building strong and confident personalities.

We encourage children to learn about themselves here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre including their own capabilities and their personal identities while fostering the ability for them to make their own choices. We aim to build confidence and resilience in all children in addition to nurturing their drive to succeed to the best of their ability. We assist the children to develop their own ideas of who they are, how they belong and what they can become. (Supported by Freud & Erikson)

We all belong to our community.

Here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre we acknowledge that we are not only part of the community that is our service, we are also part of our local community. We promote our connectedness through building collaborative partnerships with those in our local community and by exploring ways of being and becoming valued and respected members of our world.

We are diverse.
We respect others and aim to empower those around us to make choices in matters affecting them. We acknowledge our similarities as well as differences and celebrate these by exploring the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition as it presents itself.

We are a foundation for learning.

At Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we work with our families to promote a sense of social etiquette necessary for day to day life. This involves learning about the way we treat others, the choices we make, the respect and manners that we show and the things in our lives that we share with others, such as meal times, group times, daily interactions, conversations and just being. (Supported by Coles, Rousseau)

We prepare children for their future beyond our Centre.

Our educators here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre provide children with a preschool program that aims to ready them for their future education. We do this by incorporating aspects of language, literacy and numeracy into our curriculum, making learning fun and engaging. Our programs aim to bridge the gap between the learning environment here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre and that of a more formal schooling environment. We develop our curriculum with the Early Years Learning Framework and Early Stage 1 NSW Syllabuses combined learning outcomes in mind. We provide a range of both structured and free choice experiences that help children to develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills needed for a successful schooling adventure. (Supported by Froebel)

We are helping to make a difference.

We aim to grow an awareness of our interdependence with the natural world and we are instilling a sense of agency in all those involved to want to make positive and sustainable changes for our future.

We are making healthy choices.

At Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we promote a sense of being happy and healthy through our lifestyle choices. We encourage age appropriate development of our physical skills, competence in personal hygiene and an understanding of our personal safety and wellbeing. Our aim is to educate the children about being responsible for their own health and wellbeing. (Supported by Gessell)

We listen to children’s voices.

We use the children’s interests to guide our curriculum here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre. We are responsive to children by valuing their strengths, skills and knowledge as we help to motivate and engage them in learning. Our children are active participants and decision makers, allowing them to recognise their agency, ability to initiate and lead their own learning. (Supported by Montessori)

We love learning.

At Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we believe learning should be fun, allowing for expression of individuality, enhancing curiosity and creativity while fostering connections with others to nurture a strong sense of wellbeing. We provide engaging and stimulating learning experiences for individual, small and large groups encouraging social interaction and shared learning. (Supported by Montessori, Vygotsky & Piaget)

We utilise the experience of our team.

We recognise that every one of our team members come to Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre with their own experiences and education and we see the value in combining this along with their dedication to form a successful partnership for the benefit our families and children, and each other here at the Centre.

We at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre acknowledge the traditional owners or the land, The Darkinjung People, and pay our respects to the elders past and present.