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7:00am to 6:00pm
Monday to Friday


4 Tyrrell Avenue, Bateau Bay
NSW 2261

Call: 02 4334 2334

After Hours: 0448 097 775

The first five years of your child’s life are the most influential in establishing a positive association with learning and their development. These early years are where the foundations are laid for ongoing learning and navigating life successfully.

Our focus is to Nurture your child during these fundamental early years by:

  • Providing a balance of positive support and
  • valuable opportunities to explore, while
  • practicing new skills in different ways to aid learning.

This is achievable with:

  • fun-filled play,
  • interaction with our Carers and other children
  • while allowing a sense of wellbeing and belonging to develop.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. We are mindful of flexibility to tailor our quality childhood education programmes for each child.

Here at Brooke Avenue Early Learning Centre, we acknowledge that each child is unique and there is merit in providing a range of opportunities and experiences that allow learning and development to occur at an individual pace and in different ways.

Our daily play curriculum will see your child having fun-filled days with activities including:

  • painting
  • puzzles
  • craft
  • water and sand play
  • music
  • imaginative play
  • constructing building blocks
  • outdoor play
  • gardening and much more.

Keep up to date on your child’s daily activities via the daily and weekly curriculum displayed in our Centre. We welcome and encourage families to contribute to our daily programs and help evaluate our activities and curriculum ongoing.

We want your child to develop and thrive to their full potential, to learn and grow with confidence for a positive journey of life-long learning and this is achievable in working in partnership with you.

We invite you to: